Syrian Eagles (Short)

Abdo Almosli came to Canada as a privately sponsored refugee. A professional soccer player in Syria, he continues his passion for the sport by spending his weekends coaching a ragtag team of Syrian newcomers called “The Syrian Eagles.”

Directed by Aisha Jamal & Lucius Dechausay


After Spring (Feature)

What is it like to live in the world’s second largest refugee camp? “After Spring” offers a window into the world of over 80 000 residents of the UN-run Zaatari camp in Jordan. Weaving together the stories of two refugee families, international aid workers and camp administrators, the film presents a layered portrait of a place many have only encountered in news headlines. The film ultimately centers on various efforts to raise the next generation of Syrians – the children – in a place that was never intended to become their permanent home.

Directed by Steph Ching & Ellen Martinez



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Nouran (Short)

Nouran is a young woman in love. When the uprising swallows her lover, she embarks on a different path. “Nouran” presents a poetic portrait of the evolution of a young Syrian artist now living in the diaspora.

Directed by Nouran Al-Chalati



My Aleppo (Short)

Fleeing from the ancient city of Aleppo, a young family is trying to establish itself anew in South Africa.  Full of longing and nostalgia for their former hometown, the family uses technology to keep alive their ties to loved ones left behind.

Directed by Melissa Langer


Transit Game (Short)

To help support their families, eleven-year-old Palestinians Saad and Nada spend their days selling newspapers on a remote road in north Lebanon. When a Syrian man finds himself stranded on this same road, Saad offers to take him to a nearby service station. Their brief encounter provides a glimpse into their shared fate as exiles of two different conflicts.

Directed by Anna Fahr


Suleima (Short)

“I’d rather die than see them arresting someone without trying to help.” Living by her words, the strong and passionate Suleima is willing to take to the streets and risk ties to her immediate family to support the uprising in her native Damascus.

Directed by Jalal Maghout


Jihad in Hollywood (Short)

Jihad Abdo used to be a well-known actor back home in Syria. Now living in Hollywood, California, the re-named Jay Abdo has had to deliver pizzas, drive a taxi and work in a  flower shop before landing his break-through audition. With a short appearance by Werner Herzog, “Jihad in Hollywood” portrays an artist who won’t give up no matter how hard the going gets.

Directed by Genie Deez




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The Crossing (Feature)

Thousands of desperate Syrians have risked their lives on overcrowded, ill-suited boats in an attempt to cross the Mediterranean and find refuge in the European Union. This unique film follows a group of friends over a number of years, from their departure in Egypt, to their time on the dangerous journey to their new lives in various European countries. What emerges is a rare glimpse into the totality of the experience, making it painfully clear that for many Syrian refugees no part of re-establishing yourself is easier than the other.

Directed by George Kurian


No Place Like Home (Short)

Neighboring Turkey has taken in the largest number of Syrian refugees but offers them no welfare or support. This short documentary focuses on the children of a Kurdish Syrian family, as they are forced to put aside their childhood and join their parents in the struggle to make a living.

Directed by Beston Ismael





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