Syria Film Festival in Toronto

Wake up and smell the jasmine!
Nov 4-6th, 2016
Isabel Bader & Jackman Hall Theaters



A SYFF Cultural Party!

On Friday, September 16 We’re bringing together family and friends to experience the lives of Syrian refugee youth in “My Dream, My Right“, a collection of 9 documentary shorts produced by Faisal Attrache and each scored independently with music composed by students at the McNally Smith College of Music in the USA. In addition, SYFF’s LittleSyria band will […]

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Syrian Eagles

Toronto has welcomed thousands of newcomers to our communities. For these refugees, a new future includes integrating into a new culture and environment. This year, the second annual Syria Film Festival (SYFF), held in November, will celebrate our new community members through a spotlight on Syrian newcomers. We’ve been looking for films from around the […]

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Syrian Youth Filmmentor by LIFT

Syrian Youth Filmmentor


Welcome to arts!
Are you 15 to 19 years old and have passion in arts but don’t have the opportunity to learn?!
Syrian Youth Filmmentor is a customized workshop designed for you to learn about every
filmmaking aspects and end up with your own film! The workshop is broken down into 12
sessions starting in early October 2016. The sessions in October are meant to teach
participants about filmmaking, while the sessions in November are dedicated to actual film
Experienced and beginner filmmakers are welcome.

Eligibility Criteria:
Must be 15 to 19 years of age;
Must be Syrian identified;
We encourage applicants who have not had previous training in film or extensive experience
working with the medium to apply;
Must live in the Greater Toronto Area, within commuting distance from the city in order to
access LIFT workshops and equipment.

Application submission:
1. A treatment of a short self-expression video:
Make a short video of your own, about 1 to 2 min, using your own smartphone, introduce
yourself in English or Arabic, and tell us why you are interested in learning Filmmaking. Then you can submit it by sending it to (
2. Meeting Interview:
Selected candidates are requested to meet us for a short interview, to get to know them more,
and discuss their interest in filmmaking.

For more details, please contact Rolla Tahir ( )


Our vision is to showcase the aspirations and convey the struggles of Syrians.

Our mission is to build bridges, inspire conversations and engage audiences in thoughtful debates on social justice, human rights and global citizenship.

We strive to support young talents in film and arts and enrich Toronto’s vibrant multicultural identity. Read More…


Submit A Film

SYFF is open to film submissions that align with our vision. We encourage filmmakers from around the world to submit their films using the submission form below.


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